Learn to Share & Share to Learn

There are Amazing learning experiences by you, every day in your life. However, we don’t get to save the memories or the learnings from them. We have no way to relive, review or share. No more. Aley is here

Who can Aley


Whether you are in school, college, university or out of it, every moment is a learning experience; be it in academics, sports, arts or just about anything, capture, share and improve it using Aley.


As a parent, nothing is more important than your child’s learning journey. Now you can capture, review, share, track the journey and get expert help for your child at every milestone using Aley.


If you are an expert in any discipline and passionate about guiding and motivating students to improve and achieve their full potential, you can now mentor them using Aley.

What's in Aley


Collate & Collaborate

Be it your Middle school science project, B-school strategy presentation or hobby painting, do not just capture. Collaborate and enhance them with context, evidences, goals and reflections to complete comprehensively.

Share & Retrieve

Share your learning experiences with friends, family and the world to get rated, appreciated and help others learn from you. Retrieve and present your projects anywhere from your personal digital portfolio system.


View & Review

View projects from peers around the world and be inspired to better your learning achievements. Reviews from expert mentors online will help you know what and how to improve your learning experiences.

Why to Aley?

Create new project. Upload project files, reflections and evidences .You can upload images, videos , audio .etc

  • Tracking Progress

    Keeping track of learning progress is important for a student, parent, teacher or mentor. With Aley, it’s easy to get into the habit of regularly capturing and sharing projects with everyone from one place.

  • Showcasing Journey

    An organized way to present learning experiences with evidences to back-up is a great way for a student to show persistence, passion and progress be it for high school submissions or college admissions.

  • Social Learning

    Learnings get better and more enjoyable when you learn from one another through observation and modeling. The network of peers on Aley motivate you and help raise the bar of your learning.